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Sunrider: Veniczar is an official text novel released as the companion story to the Sunrider game series' upcoming Sunrider: Liberation Day. It is written by WoolyShambler, the author of Sunrider: The Novelization and will also assumedly serve as the companion story to it as well once the Novelization picks back up on Liberation Day's events.

Sunrider: Veniczar was a story specially commissioned between series developer Love in Space and WoolyShambler after the success of the latter's novelization of the Sunrider series as a text-based story. However, unlike the prior work, Sunrider: Veniczar is currently a Patron-only exclusive to those that pledge 5$ or more, likely due to the fact that it contains heavy spoilers for several characters and events that will take place in Sunrider: Liberation Day, including the Prototype Alice.

Unlike the Novelization, the events in Sunrider: Veniczar are regarded as cannon as opposed to the prior work's ambiguous nature, as the decisions made by series protagonist Kayto Shields in the story are regarded as placeholders due to the story not having a set-in-stone cannon for what Kayto's choices or personality are in the game itself.

Sunrider: Veniczar takes place six years before the fall of Cera at the start of the first game, detailing the origins of many of the series' antagonists such as Fontana and the Prototypes and shedding light on on the mysterious individual who was the original Arcadius, as well as the exact time and the series of events in which he was replaced by the Prototypes as the leader of PACT. One of the main characters is a survivor of Diode, Alice - one of the Prototypes and a character who will seemingly serve as a primary antagonist in Liberation Day - who eventually becomes the woman who takes up the mantle of Arcadius, as well as her apparent fall from idealism into tyranny. The story also chronicles the origins of other PACT antagonists such as Veniczar B. Fontana and his past as a slave, tutelage under Arcadius and, eventually, his disillusionment with the Prototypes/Alice' goals. The novel also reveals the details behind the The PACT Revolution,the birth of PACT itself and how the faction became the tyrannical, expansionistic power seen in the main series.

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