Stop Slavers

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Stop Slavers
Battle number ?
Location Astral Expanse
Result Sunrider victory
Sunrider Pirates
Kayto Shields
Game strength
Black Jack
5 Pirate Grunts
2 Pirate Bombers
3 Pirate Destroyers

Stop Slavers is a side mission in Sunrider that is mutually exclusive with the "Destroy PACT Outpost" mission depending on Kayto Shields' choices. Story-wise, it's a minor confrontation between the Sunrider and criminal slavers who captured girls in the Astral Expanse. There is also a choice to either capture the pirate slavers or leave them to die.

Story[edit | edit source]


Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Focusing out the bomber is vital as those have the biggest burst damage of all with their rocket and missiles. Libertys shield area should cover both other units you have to mitigate the incoming laser damage. With her repair ability it should be easy doable.