Repair and Resupply

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Repair and Resupply
Battle number 2
Location Tydaria
Result Sunrider victory
Sunrider Pirates
Kayto Shields Cosette Cosmos
Game strength
Black Jack
2 Pirate Grunts
2 Pirate Destroyers

"Repair and Resupply" is the second main mission in Sunrider. This is the first contact with Cosette Cosmos and her gang and the recruiting of Asaga Oakrun and Chigara Ashada as Ryder pilots.

Story[edit | edit source]

After the fall of Cera and the extrem damage on the Sunrider, Kayto decide to repair and resupply at the near neutral world Tydaria. But unfortunately some Pirates, led by Cosette Cosmos, intercept the Sunrider before arriving at Tydaria. Luckily Asaga Oakrun joined the battle with her Black Jack and helped out against the Pirates.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Either kill Cosette's Havoc first to end it immediately or kill all to gain more money, as you only get 50% of the remaining units' pay for their surrender.