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Pirates is a broad term referring to space pirates. These pirates can commit crimes from stealing goods and trafficking slavers. The only notable pirate in the game is Cosette Cosmos. Although Pirates arent united under one leader they have been shown to work together when necessary. Such a case is when Cosette Cosmos gathered ships from over 15 different crime rings to make the biggest pirate fleet seen during the 2nd battle Ongess. The pirates working under Cosette Cosmos are strongly aligned with Pact.

Space force[edit | edit source]

The units that the pirates deploy are weak and generaly have low hp but can be dangerous in bigger numbers. The Pirate Grunt is basically a weaker version of pact's standard ryder. The Pirate Bomber is very similar to the PACT Bomber but it has slightly less hp and armor and has an assault rifle instead of a laser. Its rocket can do good damage to any rider and is decent against the hull of even capital ships. The Pirate Destroyer is the heaviest ship in their arsenal but even that doesn't say much as still have only 500 hp. Like its name might suggest this ship is designed to either attack enemy capital ships from a distance with its lasers or preferably get in close with its kinectics. But by fare the most dangerous ship the Pirates have are there Pirate Ironhog. You can see this as a upgraded version of the Pirate Bomber in almost every single way besides evasion and surprisingly armour. They have very powerful flak that protects them against opposing missiles. However there real danger comes with its main weapon: 4 rockets which are more accurate and as powerful as the Alliance Battleship main canon. To makes matters even worse these rockets are particular flak resistant and the Ironhog can fire three volleys of these dangerous rockets. Fortunately for the player, like all the other Pirate units it lacks shielding of its own.