Emerald Fleet

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The 1st Fleet arriving to save the day at the Battle of Far Port

The 1st Fleet of the Solar Alliance's Space Forces, also known as the Emerald Fleet, it's the biggest, most prestigious and elite numbered fleet in all the Alliance. Commanded by the Alliance's most senior officer, Admiral Harold Grey, who is also a direct descendent of the legendary Alliance-Imperial War admiral, Madeline Grey, it's the core of the Alliance's quick reaction force with 200 vessels. Equipped mainly with the standard Alliance battlecruiser, the fleet's technological level is inferior to PACTs most advanced ships, but its reliability, numbers, and years of crew training in that same ship offset that.

Being Admiral's Grey personal command, the fleet would proceed to distinguish itself in countless combats against PACT, with its most important contribution to the Alliance's war effort being the Battle of Far Port. There the fleet arrived just in time to launch an attack against the disorganized and leaderless PACT forces, after the 2nd Fleet had managed to destroy all their command vessels in a swift and risky attack. Rescuing the survivors of the 2nd Fleet, which had been outnumbered 6 to 1, Admiral Grey also dealt a heavy blow to the invasion Fleet which retreated immediately with almost no casualties. After having successfully repelled the enemy invasion, Admiral Grey reorganized the 1st Fleet together with survivors and further reinforcements to form the Combined Fleet, which would be the responsible of freeing the Neutral Rim territories conquered by PACT.